User Reviews for nokia 616 car kit

  • Stora 09
    By Seamus Mullin
    Feb 2014
    I had a full car Nokia 616 with a hand set and a external aerial this the best car phone I ever had I have it almost 9 years
    Pros: Great recption and great hands free also your phone battery last for days
    Cons: It is difficult to get a phone to pair with it

Additional User Reviews

  • ford rat rod
    By ian cleaves
    Sep 2014
    ordered a model car kit - they said delivery would take 2 to 10 days - the money was taken you of my account the next day but no sign of item - have emailed 3 times but no answer - would never use this shop again - beware
    Pros: none
    Cons: none
  • Miss Plover
    By Siobhan
    Jul 2010
    I had this item less than 4 weeks when it fell a short distance from my handbag from the car seat to the ground.  I was at the Park ast the time and the ground was a sandy/grassy area (not tarmac) the screen cracked and I cannot use the "Navigate To" option anymore.  Maplin said it would be Binatone who would need to fix it.
    I sent Binatone two emails but they have failed to respond...not impressed!  I called them and they said they would charge me to replace the screen.  I would have hoped they would replace it foc as a goodwill gesture.
    I would never buy a Binatone product again nor recommed them to anyone.  Very poor customer service.
    Pros: it has been a good sat nav
    Cons: bad, cheap screen, binatone are not very good!
  • I wonder where the details went.
    By bigcitymtnwoman
    Oct 2011
    Here is a fantastic Olympus,slim 16x Wide Angle zoom, with a very long page of repeated info, 5 paragraphs duplicted to describe the kit for each color of the camera.  There is no specs, no coverage of scene modes, or the coveted options so needed.. to be able to manually adjust settings when needed.  Well, as an amateur I have found this camera to take the kind of auto-pictures that I got from Olympus 'film' zooms years and years ago. (decades ago)  And I wonder who would just let this site go untended, with not one review, or update.. since May, when this camera was released.  Olympus gets a raw deal here but it wont stop loyal customers from buying and trying the brand they have come to know as EXCELLENT.  I only wish I had more technical specifics to offer.  I use it in niteclubs, its perfect from 10 to 25 feet.  People ask what camera I use.  I print my photos! The other favorite shots for me are small birds, at least 25 feet away, they are like being a foot away. Detail comes down to the little claws on thier feet, the tiny color variations in their eyes.  Price is very reasonable. Better than the Elph 300, but that is my opinion.
    Pros: size, price and great range of use, close, far, dark clubs, big concerts at nite, birds far off in a tree
    Cons: 4824w
  • mr anthony casey
    By anthony casey
    Feb 2012
    As london taxi driver I have to wash and polish my cab.  At least 3 times a week demon shine was a. Fantastic find for me its cut down the time I take to clean and polish my cab to 15 mins max well done car plan
    Pros: easy to use
    Cons: not enough shops sell it

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